Supporting Christ’s work

We are incredibly grateful for all who give financially to support St. John’s.  This provides St. John’s the resources so others come to know Christ, lives are changed and the vulnerable supported in our community and beyond.

Our members do that, because they love Jesus and want others to meet him, as the Bible says: ‘God loves a cheerful giver’.  If you'd like an overview of the Bible’s teaching about giving, click here.

Our Church Council, as a body of charitable trustees, prayerfully considers how to use our funds.   Our audited accounts are presented annually at our Annual Church Meeting.  You can find a copy here.

For 2020, our budget is £125,775, which means our work costs about £2,400 a week.  Most of this goes to paying for leaders who share the gospel, youth ministry and wider evangelism.  The leaders who share the gospel are: our own vicar and curate, and a contribution towards the cost of clergy in poorer parts of South Yorkshire.  So here's how the budget is used:

The Bible teaches Christians to give money generously for God’s work – specially towards our local church.  You can be part of that in a couple of ways:

  • contact our treasurer, Steve, on 0114 246 3017 or, and ask him about donating regularly through your bank and by Gift Aid;
  • you can make a one-off gift by clicking the button below...