The heartbeat of St. John’s is Jesus Christ.  There’s only one reason we exist and stick together as a church – and it’s him.  There is simply no one else – no person, no thing, no experience, no hero like him. 

The problem is that for many people, Jesus is about as real and relevant as the tooth fairy: a comforting thought at a painful time, but with no real impact on our lives.

Yet Jesus is a real person who walked this earth in real time.  And who still is alive today.  Nothing in history or in our lives can ever be the same again.  So we love to offer folks the opportunity to find out more about him – and to ask their questions.  We're passionate about sharing the evidence for Jesus, and what it looks like to experience him in our lives today.

We do this in several ways: specially 3-2-1 and Christianity Explored.  Or you could always try what Jesus himself said, in the Lord’s Prayer.