(This page last updated 1700 Wednesday 21 July 2021)

Opening the Doors, but safe for all

We are delighted to say public worship is back at St. John's!  It is Covid-safe and - for the first time since last March - everyone is welcome every Sunday, both to our 8am service at the Parish Centre and 10.30am at the Newton Hall!  

Though almost all legal restrictions on public worship have now been lifted, we want everyone both to be safe and feel they can come to worship reassured, so we will still be taking a number of precautions:

  • distancing: we will continue to space seating at some distance, if not the full 2m that has been
  • face coverings: we encourage each other to keep wearing facemasks; those leading worship will be wearing them, save for when they are speaking at the front.
  • ventilation: we will keep all our venues well ventilated.
  • hand hygiene: we encourage regular washing and the use of the sanitisers on arrival and departure.
  • communion: we will share communion with wafers only, save for the minister, who will receive on behalf of us all.
  • singing: we will be able to sing again, but will keep our facemasks on when we do this.
  • refreshments: we will not resume these quite yet - but particularly in the warm weather, everyone is encouraged to bring something to drink if that's helpful for you.

All these precautions will be kept under review, not least at our Church Council meeting in mid-September.  Our aim is to keep public worship with us one of the very safest of places you will visit, while enjoying being together again with confidence.

What has been going on in the time of Covid?

Many have wondered what to make of this pandemic through the eyes of faith.  Just what has God been up to?  This was the question our vicar Rick and curate Jim grappled with recently, and you may enjoy watching their conversation here...