Daily Prayer

Thank you so much if you have been praying with us via our livestreamed Morning Prayer since March 2020.

Livestreamed morning prayer finished on Saturday the 24th of July.

Please see below for what to do now:

  • during August please see the download opposite (Missing Morning Prayer) for suggestions.
  • From early September, please join us in person at the St John's Parish Centre, Housley Park at 9am Mon-Thur each week; come as rarely or as often as you can.

Sunday Morning Worship

From March 2020 until 18th July 2021, we enjoyed either a recorded video service or a livestream of our main public worship at the Newton Hall.  You can still watch any of those on our YouTube channel.

From 25th July, there's no longer any livestream or other Online Worship: with normal public worship resuming, we thought our hard-working video team deserved a break until further notice!

However you can still catch up on each Sunday's sermon on the Talks page of this website - there's also audio recordings of most of our sermons for the last 10 years or so.  Plenty to enjoy there...