Daily Prayer

Join us for Morning Prayer at 9am, Mondays - Saturdays: you do that by

  • clicking the word 'HERE' in green font immediately below, which takes you to our Facebook page (you don't need to be on Facebook to use it)
  • once there, on the menu on the left there click videos
  • scroll down to all videos (one has a little red box on it that says LIVE) and
  • join in!

Click HERE to join our time of Morning Prayer - it will be live just a few moments before 9am. 

You can join in with the prayers and responses by using the Morning Prayer sheet which is to the right of this page (or by scrolling down on a mobile) - this can be downloaded and printed out if you'd find that helpful.

Sunday Morning Worship

Join us each Sunday morning for our online worship service.
Below you can watch a video of Sunday Worship from Sunday at 10.15am until the following Friday.

You can worship with us in one of two ways. 

  • You can watch our morning worship service using the video below.
            All you have to do is press play at 10.30am.
  • You can join us at 10.15am on our YouTube Channel here
            By joining us at 10.15am you will have the opportunity to live message and chat
            with other members of our church family before and after the
            morning service. 

To use the live “YouTube Chat” you will need to sign in to YouTube (using the button at the top right of the YouTube page). The easiest way to sign in is with a google mail account. If you do not have a google mail account don’t worry, you can create a YouTube account. But you will want to do this before Sunday. 

You can view or download materials for discussion, prayer and action for both Cell groups and families & kids to the right of this page (or by scrolling down on a mobile).  Enjoy!

St John's Morning Worship, Sunday 20th September 2020
19th Sep, 12:13

All of our Morning Worship videos are available on our YouTube channel for you to watch again at a later date. 

The King & his Bride: our new sermon series

This Autumn we are tracing a theme through the whole Bible, which is the way God is repeatedly shown to be the Husband or Bridegroom of his people, and his people are his Bride.  We've called it 'The King & his Bride' and we look forward to exploring more of God's passionate commitment to us and our world.  If you'd like to know a bit more about the series, we've prepared a short introductory booklet which you can read or download here.